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Cascade Loon TableDesk Lamp

  • Collection Name: Cascade
  • Item: #004395

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Cascade Loon TableDesk Lamp


  • Table: 28"H x 18"W
  • Desk: 24"H x 16"W
  • Please Specify Size, Finish and Mica Options Below
  • Waxed Kraft Shade
  • 1M/150watt, 1C/40watt Base
Made in the USA
Available quantity permitting this item usually Ships 3-4 weeks from date of order. If in-stock shipping is crucial please verify stock by calling 1-877-548-3686

    Our Price:
  • $271.95
  • Retail:
  • $400.00
  • (+ Options)
Select Option
  Black Iron Finish (Shown)
  Rustic Brown Finish
  Forest Green Finish
Select Option
  Amber Mica (Shown)
  Almond Mica
Additional Options
  Desk Lamp (+ $0.00)
  Table Lamp (+ $77.00)


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